Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Loss

So i am back! Sorry about not being here. I got back from my trip and it has been a little busy :) Half Iron Man training is going well. Today i had a LONG swim. For me anyway. It took me 1hr 10 mins to finish it. Which seemed like forever to me in the pool.
Yesterday was weigh in and i managed to lose 4.6LBS last week!!!! WOW. That's huge! The lady that wrote it down added wrong and put 6.6 at first at looked at me very concerned! 'Are you eating?' she said. Yes ALOT. So my Total on Weight Watchers is 18 pounds in 5 weeks. A leader told me that normally they would ask you to bring a note from your doctor because i am above average weight loss and they want to make sure everything is ok. I feel like i am eating all the time though! I guess it may because of the fruits and veggies being very low in points and i eat allot of them.
I actually managed to get out on my Bike on Monday. I did some mountain biking in the woods after work! Sweet!! It was still cold but it felt really good clipping by trees and dirt in the woods.
I still see myself as a really slow swimmer. I could def benefit from some master classes but i don't want to learn backstroke and breaststroke etc. This week is swim theme week and i have been swimming every day with some bike and runs mixed in.
I am really hoping to be under 240 next week. You can def see it now. My belt is really getting lose again. My XL shirts are getting to big again so i can start to move into L! Yes! People are starting to notice i am losing weight again also.
100 Push up challenge is going good to. I am in week 4 right now. I didn't realize you are meant to do it every other day at the most! I was doing it every day. No wonder it was so hard!!