Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yay outside we go!!!

Yes i got outside today for a 2 hour ride!
I meet my mountain bike group and we went for a 1 hour ride and i also added an extra 1 hour ride to complete my 2 hour ride scheduled for Iron man training today.

It was 31F and super windy. I had ALOT of clothes on. Cycling bib, undershirt, knee warmers, leg warmers, tee shirt, track suit pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, my EXO-PRO face mask to keep ears face and neck warm and a jacket!!! Be glad when it does not take me 20 mins to get all my clothes on. Here is a link for my fantastic face mask:

I heard from a fan Sara who has got a brand new shinny bike. Here a pic of it..i am jealous!

I had a great ride with with of my new mountain bike pals! Here is some shots of them today. Seven of us rode in the cold

I had a good day on my WW plan. Getting plenty of fruit and veggies. For dinner i had Chicken and Sweetcorn wit a lil potatoes! Super good. As well as adding the 2 hour ride to my acidity points i had a great 1 hour walk with my wife today!!! Thanks hottie!!

Well thats all from me today. Tomorrow is another awesome day ahead! Enjoy your life because it is short!

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