Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big Easy

So here i am down in New Orleans for work. I really like the city. I am staying downtown so almost everything is in easy reach. I made sure i got a refrigerator for my room so i could have healthy food around when i needed it. There are allot of business dinners to go to but i have been doing good and staying in track. I did try a bite of fried alligator and some rabbit liver just to say that i had some!
Training is going well and thankfully this is a recovery week for me. The hotel gym is actually pretty good. I ran down Bourbon street yesterday morning. I was wondering why they were all washing the street then i realized it was from all the you know what the night before.
People like to come down here and PARTY HARD. I was walking by a bar last night and a business man comes out, falls on the floor in front of me in the fetal position and throws up. I asked him if he was OK and got him to sit up. I told him he should get back to his hotel but he didn't want to move. The problem with that is the police will arrest you if they find you like that. So with the help of another guy we got him up and back to his hotel which was just round the corner thankfully!
Yesterday as i was 2 miles into my run i saw 5 college girls/guys running. I didn't know exactly where i was and i asked if i could just run with them. They were all super fit but i was proud i could hold my own with them! That would NOT have happened 2 years ago. I would NEVER imagined just 2 years ago i would ever be able to keep up with this young runners. WOW what an amazing moment that was!
I can not find a pool though! There is an athletic club a few blocks from here that has a 20meter pool built back in 1887! So it is very fancy! i might give it a try.
I will check in with you soon! The picture is of Louisiana supreme court.

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  1. Hey, I notice you visited the hotel gym. Would you mind writing a review at