Friday, March 12, 2010

Back from Louisville KY

Sorry if you have missed me. I was just CRAZY last week on another work trip. I was in Louisville KY again. I had some amazing runs! It was 60-70F outside all week and i managed to get in some outdoor running and got some looooonnnng pool workouts in thanks to the Louisville YMCA downtown. I got tow long bike rides in on the trainer (Yes i WISH i had thrown my bike in the back of the rental)

Among the highlights i had to go to my second Weight Watchers weigh in. I had to look up a place to go and weigh in. I stepped on the scale and my heart sank. My first week i lost 7.8LBS and this time only 0.2! Awwww. Well it was not the same scale and they explained having such a big loss the week before meant i would not get one this time. All that got me through is thinking that on biggest loser they always have very bad weigh ins on week 2.

I had to eat out alot last week but i kept in my points range. I hope i do better this Tuesday. I am only going to be in the office Mon-Thur then on Friday i have to fly to New Orleans for work Fri-Thur.

Training is going ok. It IS difficult to keep up on the plan while traveling for work but it can be done. I did have to give up hanging out with people to go to the pool.

Welcome home.

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  1. Hey THCB,

    Congratulations on your tremendous weight loss. Weight watchers is a wonderful program and you are way ahead of the game by focusing on food!
    Keep going back.

    Best Wishes,

    Ingrid Loos Miller