Monday, March 15, 2010

Typical Day

So today i thought i would take you through a work day as much as i can.
Woke up late 6.30am i was meant to go to the gym at 5.00am but that does not always happen on Mondays. Now i will have to go after work which i don't like to do but i have got 1.5hr workout that has to be done. I should of gone to bed early but i was watching the new mini series 'Pacific' on HBO i have been waiting to come out. I am a huge band of brothers fan.
Got to work at 7.30am. At 9.00am i had International House sugar free French Vanilla coffee. 1 Point!
10.30am small Cambell chicken noodle soup and my Mens health vitamin 2 points
11.00am Grapes (Red) 1 point
12.30pm went for a lunch time walk with my wife for 30mins 2 activity points
1.25pm Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas 6 Points
2.30pm Weight Watchers Yogurt 1 point
3.45pm Orville Redenbachers 94% fat free popcorn 2 points
4.30pm done withwork off to the YMCA
5.15pm Run on Treadmill for 30mins
6.00pm Spin Class for 1 hour
7.30pm got home and ate yummy Turkey Chilli made by my amazin wife and her superb cooking skills. 8 points.
The ground turkey instead of ground beef takes of 4 points a serving! so i had 2 servings!
8.00pm. Skinny Cow Ice cream 2 points
8.30pm Yogurt 1 point.
Then i got ready for bed, got my workout clothes ready for the morning and wrote down the swim workout i was meant to do.
more to come...

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