Friday, April 2, 2010

No work today! Kinda

Well i am off work today. I had a big workout to do this morning so i got up at my regular time 4am! What was i thinking on my day off??! I got it done. A 30 min run followed by a 1 hour workout on the trainer and then a 30 min swim.

Then i went hiking in the woods with my wife for an hour. Later on i went back to those woods with my moutain bike and rode for 1.5 hours. What a blast i had!!! I have put some of the pictures i took on the ride for you viewing plesure:)!

Above i am looking down at the beach from my handle bars!

This one is looking out on Lake Michigan

Here above is a cabin in the woods. It was orginally built in 1920 and it was restored in 2003. It is totally in the middle of nowhere.

This is the trail through the woods you can walk, run or cycle on. It goes on for about 6 miles.

A look out onto the beach again at the end of the trail. It is so quiet out there today. I only saw one other rider and no noise:) Except for the waves. Yep Lake Michigan has waves!!!