Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Darn Potato Salad

It was my daughters Birthday a two weeks ago and i can not believe she is 10 already!! How did that happen? She is going up crazy fast. Happy Birthday Emily!!

So it is weigh in day today at i had a disaster at lunch time. I had to go out with a business group. It was a buffet type lunch and i got Some soup and some fruits but i let myself have some potato salad too. When i got back to track my points i found that the P.Salad was 7 points for HALF A CUP. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Disaster! And i had a cup and a half.I am trying not to let it mess up day and learn from the mistake i made. Then my boss pushes into my hand Girl Scout Cookies that he does not want. I had to give them away.
It is not that 1 cookie would be super bad for me but i think i am like an addict. I got a taste for the chocolate sugar and i get all shaky and have to have more and more. It is a weird feeling but i am glad i finally recognize it.

Workout info: Last night i did hill repeats on my trainer. 7x4:00 min hard hills with a 2 min rest between. 15 min warm up and cool down. Very hard effort. It took me 1hour 10 mins to get done. I watch Grey's Anatomy while i rode but listened to my I Touch. I watched Gray's because my wife was watching it.
This morning was a 30 min run then a SUPER long swim workout for me
This is the longest i have probably ever swam. Ended up being 96 lengths of our 25meter pool in total.

Tonight is weigh in.

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