Friday, March 5, 2010

It's going to get crazy

This weekend i am away on a marriage conference. Today is my rest day on my workout schedule. After work today i have to grab clothes and head 1.5 hours away with my wife. We will be in Seminars all night tonight, all day Saturday and Sat night and heading back late Sat. Then Sunday i am off back to Louisville for work. SO that is about a 9 hour drive.

As you can tell it is going to be very difficult to slid a workout in until Monday. So looks like i might be going 3 days with no workout. This is very worrying to me. I am still on track on my weight watchers plan. I found a place in Louisville KY i can go to a meeting on Tuesday night to weigh in.

I am meant to be doing a 2 hour cycle workout on Sat but i don't think that is going to happen. I am going to be fully concentrate on building my marriage stronger this weekend. And giving my wife some much needed attention.

I already know where the gym is for next week as i have been down there before. Again i will be in a class room all week where boxes of donuts are constantly out. This probably wouldn't bother most people but it does me.

I will have to plan ahead with food to eat and things to drink as normally they just have soda and coffee.

The picture today is my swim workouts. I keep them in a zip lock bag so i can take them onto the pool side.

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