Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bike to work!

Yes it is more commuter madness on the bike for me. I am trying to ride my bike into work everyday this week while the weather is nice.
It is very handy way to get some mile in that does not impact much of your day. As some of you know already i live 12-13 miles from work. It takes me 25 mins to drive to work and about 40 mins to ride my bike to work. So not much of a difference! It also is a super great De tresser on the way home after work.
I have still been getting my runs in to. This morning i ran for just under an hour. Took my shower then rode my bike gently to work so i would not get too sweaty. I will ride it hard on the way home when i can get a little more messed up.

Tomorrow will be a little more challenging as i have a swim workout planned. So i can ride to the YMCA do my swim and hopefully shower and carry on to work. I do have a group ride after work tomorrow i hope to go on so it could mean a whole Lotta miles tomorrow:)

After coming off the Half Iron Man i am deciding what to do next. Well i think i found it. There is a 94mile bike race i am hoping to enter called 'Race around the lake'. It takes you right around lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Sounds like allot of fun. I am not going to set any speed records it will be more about fun.

Here is a link

On July 4th i am in a 5k with my family
I am walking it as my 8yr old and wife are in it. So i want to be there for them to have fun and encouarge them. It is a great event they have parachuters come in and it is put on my my Triathlon Club.

Have a happy and safe July 4th!! (Weird thing to say coming from a Red Coat British guy)

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