Thursday, June 10, 2010

Run to work week 3

Today was my long run to work. I wanted to go a bit more than the 12.5 miles it takes me to get here. So i got up at 4am, got my 100 push up challenge workout done and managed to get out the door by 4.20am. It was dark still but getting light fast. I ran 1 mile away from my house and then 1 mile back to my house so i could begin my journey to work. I took 1 GU gel pack with me and i already had water hidden on my route to work. Temp was 57f and my hands were a little cold but not cold enough for gloves. I knew as soon as the sun was up they would be warm again.

I had my cell phone clipped to my shorts in case i got in any trouble and had to call my wife for a rescue. I make sure i know where the bathrooms are along my route and sure enough i had to use one of them on the way. One of co-workers drove past me and gave me a little beep.
Nearing the end my feet were not coming up high enough and i clipped a crack/curb in the sidewalk and nearly went over but i pulled it back. I fixed my stride and kept more of an eye out.

I made it into work in 2hrs 30 mins. My ipod was showing 16.67 miles but i think it was more like 15. Forgot to drop work shoes off at work when i dropped clothes off here earlier in the week so i am in office clothes and my running sneakers.

My wife is bringing in some of her AMAZIN Vegan Chili for lunch so i am looking forward to that!!!!

Monday Night Group Ride
After work on Monday i went for my group ride. Sometimes this group breaks into a slower and faster group but i noticed no one slow there at all on Monday! Crap, this meant i was going to HAVE to keep up with the crazy fast guys (22-24mph avg). I had to use all my concentration for this. This going to mean going even deeper into the pain cave!! My legs were still a little blown up from the day before Olympic Triathlon.

I kept at the back of the Pelton (this is hardcore bikers term for group of bikers). There were about 12 of us. I hung with them!! I guess it makes extra motivation that if they drop me i would be lost! as i still do not know the route. I managed to stay with them the whole 20 miles and right at mile 20 on a hill i started to fade. My heart rate was at 160BPM but i kept slipping back. The last 2 miles they were in front of me but only by 100 yards.

Good result overall, we normally leave at 5.30pm and i make it back to the car park by about 7:05pm. It is a 22 mile run. This time i made it back by 6:50pm but we left at 5:35pm.

Above you can see a picture i took of them all coming up the hill. I went first so i could turn around and grab a few shots before tagging on to the back of the group.

I lost 1 pound in weight this week. Not that much but at least it is steady. I am breaking the 230 mark now!

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