Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shakin it up

Last night i went mountain biking with one of my good new friends!! I felt really good to shake up my training a little. I have not been proper mountain biking since last year! It was too wet and Muddy to get a really good run on the tree roots and i ended up coming off at one point. Probably not a good RIGHT before my Half Iron Man.

It had rained like crazy all day yesterday and had made the trail very muddy and slick. I totally shocked myself though. There was a 3 foot high log at the end off a down hill that i manage to jump off and i really planted the landing!

It takes a while to build your confidence in mountain biking. Once you realize you can do certain things you can get better at all of it. I had a great time and got my heart rate up really good. I can not wait to go again.

Tonight i am hopefully off on another slowish group ride. Thursday night rides are meant to be slow so it should be gentle. I want to try a headband out when i sweat on the bike as i am having a problem with sweat going in my eyes allot and not being able to see!!

It is freaking me out a little bit that i have not really swam or ran that much because i am meant to be tapering. It makes me feel like i will forget how to do long distance. It is meant to be sunny 79f but windy on Saturday. The wind freaks me out a bit but everyone else will have to deal with it to. Hopefully it is behind me on the way out and switches on my way back!!

A bought an extra bottle cage as i am thinking one bottle might not be enough on the ride. I did find out they are going to have Wet Suit strippers on my HIM!!! Yaaay for that. Tomorrow i will have to take it very easy as my legs are feeling a little tingly today. I may go up and do packet pick up before the race.

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  1. You might not want to read Kelownagurl's post about MTB accident :( j/k
    Wow.... race is this weekend!!! I'll be watching for your report... you are going to do GREAT!