Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July already

July 4th we youngest daughter did her first 5k. As you can see by the photo above she didn't quite make it all the way so Daddy had to help her out. But she did great. She is not one to be too fond of getting out there and doing some exercise. We were to walk the whole thing but it still must of seemed long to my 8 year old.

We made it in just under 1 hour :). I carried her via piggy back for some it. She weighs in at about 85-90 pounds so it was a great workout for me. She forgot to eat before the event so part of the race involved me running into a gas station and getting her some food and then running to catch up with her and my wife.

It was a good time. Here is hoping she will do another :)!


  1. Haha, I love that picture and the story!!!

  2. It was a interesting day ;) Feel the need to mention that Amy (our 8 year old) isn't seriously overweight...she's freakishly tall for an 8 year old :) She's the same height as our 10 year old daughter, Emily who is also tall for her age. So, Jon had quite a load to carry for the last half mile :)

  3. I'm a little behind on reading blogs so I just saw this one - what a great pic! I remember the first race I did w/ my granddaughter. She was very young and it was 2 laps but after 1st she was really tired so she just ran in to the finish and when they tried to give her a ribbon she said "No, maybe next time"!