Monday, June 14, 2010

Bellin Run report.

Yaaaaaay. Another good run. It was an amazin race. Over 18,000 people joined in! Unbelievable numbers.
I went up there on Friday night to do my packet pick up and do some leaf letting for the upcoming race around the lake and the Oshkosh Triathlon

Then i was back the next morning at 5:45am do give out some more leaflets and to get ready. I had put my pace down as 10min miles as with that many people it was a wave start. I did a 2 mile warm up before the race to get my legs ready. Basically i ran 10 mins away and 10 mins back to it. I meet a few friends there and got to my wave start. I felt ready for this race. I had my HR monitor on and watched as it just went up from 65BPM to 85BPM just waiting to go.

So i was off! I went out hard holding about a 155-160 BPM for the first 5k. I let it sneak up to 165 for the second half. It was overcast and stated to rain a little at the end.

My overall time was 52:12. Last year i came in at 59:01 so this was so good improvement!!
My split 5k mark time was 26:04 so i did fade just slighty on the second half but only slightly. I think there was more hills on the second half.

I had a great run and a great event!

I came 210 out of 621 in my age group so that is top third!!
I came 2663 out of 15059 runners!!!
The average runners time was 1hr 13mins.

I would HIGHLY recommend this 10K to anyone coming into Green Bay. It is just huge! The crowd support is fantastic too. There is not one part of the course where there is no support. You feel like a superstar on this one!

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  1. Jon, fabulous run, LOVE your PR!!! You will do well at your half iron coming up!!!