Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Victories are won every day.

Firstly i wanted to thank all the people that wished me well and the kind words from all of you on my blog and on twitter. It means ALOT to me to get those comments!!!! Below is me on the left about 4-5 years ago before i got started. I think i actually gained weight after this picture to. It pains me to put it up here but it is to encourage others.

I feel a little weird after finishing the Half Ironman. It was a huge accomplishment to do it but the victories come everyday for me. I remember finishing my first ever 5k running race in about 45 mins and that was EVERY bit as huge as this race for me. Going from 440LBS you feel like it is hopeless to even try and put goals in your head to try and hit. It is everyday out there training that makes the biggest difference.
Every time i did not want to get up at 4am to go and slog it out in the pool or on the treadmill, especially being so overweight in the beginning. That is were the real victories are. The crowds cheering at a race and the people saying they could never do that is one thing but it is just the everyday training where the real victory comes. It seems like yesterday i was doing the Couch to 5k program and a 3 min run was torture.

I feel a little worried that people that are over weight or struggling with there health may put me into a different category now but i a not. Everyday can be a struggle to lose weight and gain in health but you CAN do it.

Some days you will fail. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going. I have had many many excuses not to be able to exercise on any day. I travel for work allot, i have a busy family that need me home, i have to work long hours in the office, i have to go out on business dinners etc...It can all be overcome.

Yes people will think your weird for getting up at 4am or going out to run or walk at 9pm while everyone else is sleeping or watching the TV but you have a choice. Do not let the big corporation of this country mold you into what makes them allot of money.

As i do triathlons and I watch the equipment people use. Now please do not get me wrong, if you have 2000-5000 to spend on a bike absolutely do it. Way better to spend it on something that makes you fit and you enjoy it every time you get on it.
But i want you to know not everyone has that kind of money. Me being one of them. My road bike cost $675 brand new. That is extremely entry level for a road bike. It handled the Half Iron Man just fine and i am sure it could handle a full Iron man too.
Could i have gone maybe 5 mins faster with a mid level $2500-$3000 bike? Yes probably but who cares! I just want to be able to this.
I am shifting my thinking away from setting Personal Best and placing in my age group to actually enjoying myself, getting healthy and losing weight.
I am almost sure Lance Armstrong could bet the winner of the race on my bike no problem.
I still have a way to go in my Endurance but i know there is always going to be someone faster and better than me.

Also i want you to know that in no way do i feel any less excited about someone finishing there first 5k or even there first mile run. If your goal is to do a 5k i am with you all the way!!!

I now have a whole new respect for anyone that can finish an Ironman too! That is a long time to be out there on the course. The pain doing that race was extreme. Even though i paced myself as slow as i could in the swim and cycle there was no way i was going to get around the pain of the run. I kept thinking about my wife and kids and dedicating the race to them. I want to be an example to them and show that you do not just have to fit in to the bad health lifestyle the corp bigwigs want you in. Even though they could not be there that day they were with me.

What is next?
I am not exactly sure. I have signed all 4 of us up for a 5k on the 4th of July. There is a local Triathlon (Sprint) in the town i live in i may do. In August there is a 94mile bike race i think i would like to get in on also.

I have been thinking about doing a Self supported Half Iron man, using my house for the drink station also. Ragnar Relay interests me as i would like to be part of a team.

If...big IF...i think i could do the training then Ironman Wisconsin in 2011 would be a huge goal. I am just afraid the training will take me too far away from my family duties.


  1. Great post and congrats on meeting yet another one of your goals! Running a half marathon to get to work was definitely inspirational to me. Looks like it really helped you in the HIM. Your overall time was amazing but the run time was the most impressive to me.

  2. Sniff Sniff... Jon very touching! I just can't help but feel so proud for you. You are so right, the real work often happens in the wee hours of the day...or everytime a good decision is made. I once read a quote that said something like.... when you look at an elite athlete you are seeing the result of thousands and thousands of small choices.
    You have made thousands of small choices... and put together, that's the real reward :)

  3. Aww thanks! i really apperciate it. Yep the half Marathon run to work realy helped. MY goal is to try and do that once a week! I really aperciate your comments.
    I like that quote about the result of thousands and thousands of small choices. I will keep that one with me.

  4. Jon, thanks so much for posting, it's so inspiring. I am sure it was difficult to post the photo but really shows how far you've come. I love it. I often think of you at 5 am when I'm struggling to get out of bed for a workout and I think, if Jon can do it, I can...and you're putting in a far greater workout than I am! Great job with your half ironman, your time was amazing!


  5. You did great baby! Love that you posted some before pictures. I think when people can visualize how much work you put into this, it is extra inspiring! It's funny, but when I look at that before picture, I can't remember you like that. You were never "BIG" to me...I guess I just always loved you because you were everything I ever hoped for in a husband. I'm so proud of you for taking control and getting fit! I love you