Friday, June 4, 2010

Triathlon Weekend!

So this weekend is my first Outdoor Triathlon of the season!!!! Waaaaaay haaaaay! It is also almost time the the Football 'Soccer for Americans' to start!! I can not wait.

I am scheduled to Race Olympic distance at Green Bay Triathlon. Here is a link

I did this event last year and the year before. Last year i did my first Olly here and the year before this was my first ever sprint Triathlon back on my mountain bike days!!How time flies.

I only walked yesterday as i forgot i had a School dinner thing to go to with my daughter. They served Egg noodles and Beef tips with no Vegetarian choice. Ah well no big deal. I just ate when i got home.

Note: I had a crappy eating crisis yesterday. I was craving White Chocolate so bad. I had some but i put the points in to my WW log and accounted for it. This is one of the HUGE reasons i like Weight Watchers. You do not have to have all or nothing Mentality. If you mess up or you want some chocolate you can account for it and move on.

Last years total time was 3hours 14mins and 15.3 seconds.


  1. hey my man good luck with your race. Your story is inspiring. Well done. How do I access the podcast?

  2. you can go on itunes do a search for 'triathlon' in podcasts or go to and look for milkthecowbaby triathlon
    or use this link