Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apple ITouch Changed my life

I am lucky enough that my work supplies me with a BlackBerry. Due to poor coverage of AT & T up here no iphone. However...

A year ago now i i bought a Apple ITouch as an upgrade from my Ipod Nano as i wanted the Nike Plus runners thingie bilt into it and not have to keep plugging the module into my Nano.

It really is awesome!! I can go on the internet anywhere there is WiFi and it works way better than my BlackBerry for suffing.

My Weight Watchers app is absoultley awesome too. Even if im in my house it is still easier to pull out my iTouch than go upstairs and get on the computer. It makes me fitter too.

I have downloaded the app hundred pushups and it takes you do by day though getting to be able to do 100 pushups.

Now they have 200 situps and 200 squats apps too that are only $2

If your even close to thinking about getting a new MP3 player do yourself a favour and get one.

I use mine on my bike trainer too to watch spin videos right on the handle bars from

I noticed last night my 9yr old daughter talks in her sleep alot and i been wanting to get an app that records you sleep talking. She would get such a kick out of it.

I track my points on it, use the points calculator, look up stories it really has transformed my life more than any gadget.

The new one has a camera on it to. My only regret is getting the 8GB. I have to manage how many podcasts and spin movies i have on there. I would def go for the bigger one next time. It has never had a problem and the battery lasts a good while.

ITouch is amazing

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  1. Way to use technology to help you train and live better. It's also nice to watch movies on while you travel.