Thursday, January 13, 2011

A wee bit of frustration

No pictures today as somehow i have messed up my uploading account. I am working to get it back.

So this weeks weigh was horrible. To be honest i do not even want to write about it. I did everything right this week. Very careful about what i ate. Increased my running distance as Marthon training starts. And yet i was up 2.7 lbs!!

I was honestly shocked. This kind of thing really messes with my head. I lost 2 Lbs the week before when i was not being so ultra careful. Now i know i should shrug it off as an odd week but i am having a hard time doing that.

I know i should just keep doing what i have been doing and make small adjustments. I am going to try to eat more fruit/veg and less processed food. I wish i could eat so clean as to not eat any processed food, flour or sugar at all.

I have to watch how much sodium i eat too. Ahhh its frustrating.


  1. Hi Jon you know the way, steady and consistency are the keys. Stay strong you can get back on track.

  2. sometimes you can do everything right and you'll weigh in high, and the other way around. You KNOW you're doing it right, keep it up and it will show up on the scale, don't give up hope!