Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Week Fittness Challenge

My local YMCA and Weight Watchers have teamed up for a 10 week fitness weight loss Challenge. Enrolled are 190 people! I managed to get on a team for my $15 and they are doing all kinds of activities.

SO to kick off the 10 weeks we had to take a prefittness challenge at the YMCA. For this i had to to first see how fast i could do a mile in.

Most people were walking the mile but of course being the overachiever i am i wanted to run. I managed an OK 8.08 min mile. I am thinking i should of  sandbagged a little as they are going to measure me again after 10 week but it just didn't seem right.

Next up was as many push ups as you can do in 1 min. Thanks to my 100 push up challenge on my itouch i manged to do 60 in 1 min! Proper push ups too.

Next was as many sit ups as you can do in 1 min and i managed just 30. I need to work on this one. I just got the 200 sit up app! Then there was a stretch test but i have no clue how i did in that one.

Some people have asked me for a new Podcast. Well it seems i have a little more time in the evenings now (If i put down Call of Duty Black Ops) so i am going to try working hard on that.

O the picture is a beautiful Crumpet shop in Seattle Washington. I love Crumpets!!!


  1. 60 push ups? That is way over acheiving, specially on top of that run. I just added pushups in to my back strength training plan and can only do 8.

    Oh well, no sense sand bagging. You will kick ass at this challenge just like all the others that have come before it. Challengers are not worthy :-)

  2. Yeah i was hoping your back was doing better. I found on my Half Ironman yesterday my back started aching like crazy half way through the run and i need to get better core strength.

    Thanks for the encouragement Mike!!

  3. WOOT! I hope you get the podcast going again. Any holy cow, 60 pushups? You rock.

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