Tuesday, January 25, 2011

smash bang boom

Been working hard at tracking EVERYTHING this week. Normally i accurately tack to about 90% of all i eat. Well because the the last 2 weeks i have gained weight i was tracking 100% very closely this week. I feel exhausted right now from keeping track of every tiny bite but guess what...it worked. I dropped 1.6LBS this week. It goes to prove if i track everything i can drop weight still.
I feel a little down as it was a massive effort to get that 1.6lb loss. I will just keep going..what choice do i have. As a wise person once said 'the only thing holding you back it you'.

Running - Marathon training is going good. I manage another 2 hour run on the treadmill making it to 11 miles last week. I am teaching myself to deal with the pain of the long runs. For the long runs i do run 9 minutes and run 1 minute. This type of walk run seems to be working the best for now. I kept the treadmill at 0.5 grade for 1.5 hours of the run. Also at least once every 10 mins i stretched my stride so I'm not teaching my muscles to keep shorts steps and this seems to help break things up also.

Biking - For fun at the last minute i went down to Rays Mountain bike park again. I had a bad landing of one of the jumps and as you can see above my wheel is totally shot. I had only been there a few minutes before i wrecked and thought at first i would have to go home after that long drive down there. Thank gosh they have rentals!. It cost me an extra $10 but i was glad i could stay. I actually had a really good time on the rental. It was a single speed which seems to be perfect for the park there.

Swimming - I managed to make to the high school pool last night and got in 45 mins of non stop laps. I varied my speed on some sets to get up to race speed. Of course i could not of done it with out my trusty swim mp3 player. I should be going one other time this week. 2 times a week seems to work great for me swim wise.

100 Push ups - Still working my way though this app on my itouch. Last night i did 170 push ups total. Broken down into 5 sets.

200 Sit ups - Working through this ipod app as well. Still early days.

This week on Thursday is my Birthday and i will be 36. This year i know it seemed rude but i sent my family a wish list. I am very hard to buy for. I already got a Performancebike.com gift card in the mail - Thanks Daughter!!!! and there is a brown box in the cupboard that i am trying not to sneak a peek at.
I asked for gift cards to performance bike or i tunes, new bigger itouch, wetsuit so i don't have to keep renting, a locker bag etc... looks like they listened!!


  1. Rim looks tweeked. Good thing they had rentals. How did you fare with that wreck ?

  2. I was fine, just a few bruises.