Monday, January 10, 2011

Marathon training

So i am following a training plan from for my training plan, however i still need to blend in my swiming and cycling to keep me going for Triathlon season.

I can not make it to the pool tonight as i have to get my Honda looked at because of a recall. This is a little bit frustraing because it turns out right now Mondays are the only day i can swim on at the local high school pool as they did not get enough interest to open on Wednesday nights too. So looks like i am going to have to find other ways to swim. Actually for as short as most swims are on Sprints and Olympic distance around here id be ok with just going on Mondays.

I have got another weigh tomorrow and am hoping for a good one.

We went and checked out an indoor mountain bike that just opened in Milwaukee and i am itching to get down there and ride it now. you can check it out on

This morning i ran a 10miler and on Sat i ran a 9 miler. My legs are feeling ok but it is a long time to spend on the treadmill! This morning it took me 1 hour 35 mins. Weird thing is the treadmill wont let you go longer than a 60 min stretch so you have to re set it.

It always weird watching people come in, work out, go to leave and your still running. You sure get some strange looks!


  1. Nice runs! It takes mental toughness to run on a treadnill that long.

  2. Thanks!!! It was a long time to be on a treadmill. I think the motor was getting hot!