Friday, January 21, 2011

Hanging in there and self evaluation.

Weight loss wise it has been a bit of a downer the last two weeks. I was really hoping to lose 20 pounds much faster than it is going. In fact the last 2 weeks i have gained 3lbs total somehow.

I have been counting everything i eat on WW but i think somehow i have been making tiny mistakes and these add up. So i have been SUPER careful this week and sure enough i found points i was not taking into account.

I have been though various stages in weight loss. When i was over 400 i could not have to be super careful and i would still lose like crazy. This went all they way down to 260. Then at 260 i had to ramp it up. Now i find anything in the 220-230 range i have to be amazingly careful as it seems my body just wants to stay at the 230 range.

My Goal is 199 right now. I do have some loose skin (yuck) i know its horrible to admit but you don't go from 440 to 225 with out a bit of lose skin. If i want to have surgery to  get it removed its is going to be 5000-8000 dollars. Now mine is not nearly as bad as some. Because mine is minimal it means it is not a medical problem so insurance will not pay for it. I wonder how much that skin weighs? I am guessing 5-7 pounds but who knows.

I am just going to keep going and try not to think about it to much but be extremely mindful of what i am eating.

Managed to get to the pool to swim for lunch today!

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