Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cycle Crazy!

I Love this Random picture i took a few weeks ago! I have a Boston just like this one. They are amazing dogs.

Well i have been hard at it. Training is going well. Last week was a swim focused week and i did a TON of swimming. 2500meters might not be much to most people but it is tons for me. 100 lengths of my pools seems to take forever. Thank goodness for my swimming MP3!

The weather got nice 50F so i did a ton of cycling over the weekend. Even more exciting i found a new group ride to go on. We meet on Monday night and did about 20 miles. My comp said 24 but i think it was more like 20. The pace was PERFECT for me. The group does Mondays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays is the crazy hardcore group that does 25mph and Mondays is the intermediate group that does 20mph on the flats. So Mondays are perfect for me. I love riding in a group and being able to draft. If you have never done it i would strongly recommend it!!! I finish work at 5pm so i had to bring my bike with me and get changed in the bathroom at work.

Weight Watchers went well to. I only lost 1 pound last week but i had lost 4.6 the week before so i was expecting not a huge loss. We are focusing on getting out there and exercising. One thing that stuck with me was the words 'NO EXCUSES' so many people have excuses for not exercising it is crazy. There is normally something you can do.

Oh think you have a good health reason not to do something? Look at Lance Armstrong, he had Testicular cancer, brain cancer and liver cancer at the same time and still came back to win the Tour DE France 5 times! Have you got a better excuse than that?

Well i am out of town for tonight in Chicago but i still got my 1 hour 15min run in. It can be done. Keep at it friend.
O and i am dying to hear from Bungus!! Bungus if you are out there April 4th has come and gone buddy!!!

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