Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man Training Gears up

Well good news i lost another 2 pounds at WW this last week! Yaaaaay!
Training is really gearing up. Last night i ran for 2 hours. I kept my heart rate below 120 with my Polar watch and just kept on going and going.
Today i had to swim for 1 hr 15 mins front crawl all the way pretty much. I did walk at lunch break to Walmart and back which is about 50 mins and 3 miles to get sugar free Cappuccino and some popcorn.
Had Some AMAZING healthy Pizza tonight that my good wife made. You can get it a Papa Murphy's. It is called Mediterranean Herb Chicken Delight. Wow it was good. Made with Olive Oil. Mozzarella and Feta cheese. We worked out it was only 5 points a slice.

Tomorrow is rest day and then Sat i pretty much have to do an Olympic distance Triathlon by myself!

I am finally over my Sinus infection so i am feeling Much better!!!!!!

Where's Bungus??

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