Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Checking in

I had an insane 10 days in Orlando for work. It was completely crazy busy but good. No more trips until mid may so i should be here a while.

Training is going OK but i have a horrible Sinus infection so i am forcing myself to get some much needed rest.
I been needing to record another Podcast but i am out of room on my FTP site. I have to pay extra to upgrade or start deleting old episodes. No feedback there yet.
Last night i went on a group ride. Which was about 20 miles long. It was very windy and i completely was over my head because of this sinus infection. I did go see the doctor at lunch time and got some meds for it so i hope the next few days i will be done.
The picture is a Tank from the World War II center in New Orleans. Great place to visit!


  1. I say go ahead and delete the older episodes. Not that my opinion matters...but I've now listened to all your old episodes. :D

  2. Yes!!! Thanks!! Thats all i needed:)