Friday, August 13, 2010

Back From Texas

All last week i was out in San Antonio Texas for Work! Wow what a place. It was so hot (i kind of expected that) but some of the day were 115F! I had to run outside very early in the mornings to try and beat the heat. I did chicken out one day and hit the treadmill. I did not get much swimming or bike in but i got plenty of running in and push ups, lunges and squats.

If you live out there hats off to you working out in that heat.  Between meeting and doing my thang, i managed to visit the Alamo and the Riverwalk area which is something everyone told me i should do.
I also sampled some of the local Tex Mex food and feel in love with a chain fast food place called Taco Cabana. Here i am the lovely Mrs Milk the cow are in front of the Alamo.

Also another highlight of the trip for me was to go over to Austin which about 1.5 hours away to visit Lance Armstrong's Bike shop 'Mello Johnnys"

This is the front of the store in beautiful downtown Austin. It does not look it from the pictures but it was actually about 115F that day!

There were some of the Team Radio shack cars out the back which i think are the ones they used at the Tour De France! Very cool!

Also some other vehicles including the mobile coffee shop.

Then inside. In the basement there is a computrainer room that is available for use:

Then i found some actual bike used by Lance for various tours

OK to finish up here is some other random pictures of the store. They ran an awesome program for $1 you can store your bike there all day and use their showers if you work downtown.

After i was done here we ended up having lunch in a French restaurant i had a vegetarian Crepe!

Austin is a majorly cool city to visit especially if your a biker. There were tons of bikes all over the place. I noticed they have made some of the street there bicycle only.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.