Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stay the course

First i lost another 0.2 lbs! Wow right? Actually this is good. I didnt eat that well in Texas and nor did Mrs MilktheCowbaby. We both got back right on track as soon as we got home and found we did not gain weight!!!! Good job Mrs M!!! This week at Weight Watchers we talked about filling foods. It seems obvious but my brain just does not quite get it all the time.
So a 100 Cal pack of cookies is the same points as 2 apples. Guess which one is going to keep you full longer? Non brainer right? Well it turns out that natural (unprocessed) foods keep us fuller much longer. This is important to remember as we tweak our diets. Actually i think it is safe to say i feel more hungry after eating 100 cal cookie pack which leads me into nore eating.

I finished the book 'The End of Overeating' this week which is an excellant read! This will really help you if you fight the mental aspect of non stop eating like i do. I realize now my condition may not be cured but it can be treated.

My top three books to help me lose weight:
1. Skinny Bastard (read skinny bitch if your a woman)
2. Fast Food Nation
3. The end of overeating

This week i have been bike communiting to work and it has been fantastic! Yes it is a bit of a pain having all the right clothes but the benefits are great. The temperture this week has been 61F in the mornings and about 70F on the way home. Total difference to Texas!

I got some great tips for the gym today from a letter that was written from someone that was afraid of the gymL

I just started my weight loss plan, but to be honest I’m really uncomfortable going to the gym. I know I need to get over that, so do you have any advice that will help me?

The Problem

Some of us don’t like going to gyms because we feel as wimpy as Olive Oyl when we’re surrounded by all those Popeye arms pumping iron. Some of us simply don’t know where to start or what to do in the jungle of the gym equipment, and others, based on stereotypical concerns, might not want to look like a chunk of fat in a meat market. Whether those fears are well-founded or not, they are real, so here’s what to do about them so that you can engage in an activity that will boost both your weight-loss efforts and your overall health.

Tips on being comfortable at the gym:

Don’t be self-conscious about what others are thinking. They don’t care about you. Focus on yourself and keep a positive outlook.

Start slowly and build speed, distance and resistance gradually so you don’t burn out or get injured.

Look to a workout pal or a professional trainer to help keep you motivated and progressing.

Take the time to find a gym that will allow you to reach your goals.

The Solutions

Know they aren’t watching you

The people at gyms who are in good shape are too busy admiring (or nitpicking at) their own bodies to notice you, and the rest are as nervous as you are about too much love around the handles of their midsections. Everybody has issues, they are not judging you.
Don’t compare

Everyone, including you, has to begin somewhere. The guys who look like they can bench press your wife’s minivan just got a head start. Don't compare yourself. Know what you want to accomplish and stick to it, and that 99.5 percent of the people you encounter in any gym started where you’re starting.

Pace yourself

Trying to go from Mr. Couch Potato to Mr. Universe in 12 weeks is discouraging, detrimental and dangerous. It’s natural to be ambitious, but doing too much too quickly will burn you out. Worse, it could lead to injury or embarrassment (imagine flying off a treadmill that’s turned up way too high). Baby steps will lead to big results as long as you’re consistent. Start with small success before progressing. That means beginning with manageable chunks of time, like 20 or 30 minutes at first, a few times a week, and doing something simple like walking or riding a stationary bike. Find an activity you like and make it a part of your initial workouts.

Find a gym you like

Think of finding the right gym for you like you’re buying a pair of shoes. You want to find the right fit. Try large national chains, then visit a locally-owned gym, and try a club that has all the state-of-the-art bells, whistles and spa amenities. Most places are dying to get your business, so ask for free trial passes. Go during busy times and observe everything, including your gut feelings. Take time to shop the club and ask questions, talk to trainers or fitness managers,  Just make sure you feel comfortable.
When you’re ready to make a choice, make sure the gym has the necessary services and equipment to achieve the goals you want. Getting and staying motivated is the name of the game. You want to put yourself in position for success, so you need the right environment. The only way you'll know is if you go a couple of times.

Workout with a friend

The buddy system has benefits beyond Boy Scouts keeping each other from getting lost and becoming bear bait. First your intimidation level will be lowered from the get-go, and you’ll stay motivated—you’re less to hit the snooze button if a friend is outside hitting the car horn. Pick someone similar goals, issues and fears. But make sure men with men and women with women if your married.

Ask for help

If you don't know a dumbbell from a barbell or you could use some pushing and guidance, think about hiring a certified personal trainer. Even if money is tight, I recommend a couple of sessions to get your program off on the right foot. “They can be your light in the dark”

Know if it’s not you’re thing

If you give the gym a shot for a few months and decide it’s not for you, no big deal. Just don’t stop exercising.

This weekend i have a 94 mile bike race that i am a little nervous about. I have never ridden that far before. I will give you a report as soon as possible.

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