Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kewaunee 50K Bike ride

I have on purpose not blogged for a little while so more people would see my NSV's Post. But it is time to update.
I did not make a big deal out of it because i wanted to make sure i could make it (and i did) but i did my first ever just bike race on Sat! I have done Triathlons and Duathlons but never just a bike race. I had a great time to.
So it is a small event run in conjunction with a Duathlon that i have done before. I really wanted to try just doing the bike race which was new for this year. It as 50k or about 31 miles total. I really wanted to get in a 50 mile bike ride this weekend and the event was only about 24 miles from my house so i decided to bike to the race. I figured it would make a good warm up too. The weather was beautiful. I left my house at 5.15am on my bike and took a gentle ride up to the race. I got there at 6.40am and got registered. I had everything set up by 7am and was ready to go.

I had money and water with me so i had everything i needed. The race started at 7.30 so i had 30mins to chat with people and rest from the ride up.

It was really really cool to be starting a race on my bike. I loved it! There were about 30 of us doing the bike 50k. For the first 10 mile i took it fairly easy and chatted with some of my friends. Then i decided i need to get on race pace. It was very different knowing i would not have to run after i got done so i could give it everything i got.

It was very hilly but i leaned hard into the hills. My avg HR was 156! This is really high for me on a bike ride. My avg mph came in around 19mph. I pushed really hard the 2nd 20miles.

Wow it was fun. I really enjoyed it. I stayed with a bloke for most of it and we both pushed each other really hard. Amazing event, perfect weather.

I was going to go on Group ride on Monday of this week but i noticed i had broke a spoke on the race on Sat so i must of been pushing super hard!

My time on my watch was 1 hour 36 mins but i am trying to worry less about my race times as i think it makes me enjoy events less so i didn't even look where i had come against my age group.


  1. you know it took me a while to figure out why you were posting a photo of underwear...but I got it. :D yet another NSV. I still don't know how you can not look at your results though. :D glad it was fun!

  2. Yeah it was a lesson in 'letting go' not looking at all my times and stats. They seem to disapoint me and take away the joy of a rac like this so sometimes it is better for me not to know.
    The underwear post was just becuse they had Bikes on them. Thanks for following me!