Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chicago and Weight Watchers

Hello Folks. This has been a busy week. I have been keeping up on training though. On Thursday of last week i had to head down to Chicago to go to a convention for work. I thought i got off easy as i was only going to have to be there for a little while on Friday. So i headed down to spend the night on Thursday and was going to head back Friday night. FAIL. They sprung on me at the last second i would need to be there to teach a class on Sat morning. They told me this around 3pm so i had to search for a hotel at the last minute. The nearest i could find to down town that was not $400 for the night was about 15 miles outside the city center. No big Deal. I called Mrs Milkthecow to let her know the good news.

Now on Friday night Chicago had major flooding as did Milwaukee and they shut the Interstate going into downtown. It took me 3.5hrs to drive 15 miles. Not good. I felt like i was living back in London again. Well i got home at 5pm on Sat night. I did manage to fit in a treadmill run as i am too soft now living in Wisconsin too long to run in 85F heat!

Weight Watchers
A lot of people wonder if weight watcher is worth the money. After all you can just weigh yourself every week at home. It does cost about $40 a month for all the meetings and online tools.  seriously considered dropping it. I do not think 40 a month is too much for what you get but i am paying for my wife and myself 40 a month, so my plan was to just keep paying for my wife to go. When i looked at all the benefits i am getting from it i decided it was worth it. I am also paying less for eating out every month too as we do not eat out nearly as much as we used to. It really helps me know the value of different foods and helps me to eat more of the less calorie dense foods.

I lost 3 pounds 3 weeks ago but i have gained 1 pound the the last week so it evens out a good bit. I do know where i am making mistakes though. It makes it very easy to pin point the the little mistakes you make. YES i get tired of tracking all my food but it is just something i am going to have to live with.

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