Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seroogy's 15k Green Bay WI

2.11.11 was the Seroogys 15K in Green Bay hosted by Midwestsportsevents.com
Seroogys is a maker of chocolate here in Green Bay that is truly amazing and truly very very bad for you. You can visit their site at http://www.seroogys.com/

The weather all week had been -25F but it was meant to warm up on Saturday. This year Midwest is using disposal timing chips which actually works out really good because when you pick up your packet the day before you get your timing chip. Pretty much all you have to do on race is find a parking spot, get to the start line and go! I really like this idea. It did not warm up  as much as expected. It was about 20F was was much better than -25F! However the crazy warm temps of 36F did not come until the day after.

My plan was just to drive up park and spend the least amount of time as possible outside before the gun went off. The race to start at 8 and i found a parking spot at 7.45. Waited in my car until 7.55 and then jogged over to the starting line. Because of this plan the only picture i got was the one above on my phone. Last year they had about 1000 races and this year 1500. A good turnout for such a cold run.

I had looked up the winning times for Cydesdales from the previous year and knew if i wanted to place i would have to go at least 8.30 min/miles! That's fast for a 5k for me! I wanted to give it a shoot anyway. I came out the gate fast. I started at the back which was probably a mistake but i secretly love overtaking people that weigh much less than me. I planed to go by the drink stations as i knew it would upset my stomach.

I had no breakfast as i already know from many previous experiences i will get sick if i do. I don't recommend this it just is the only thing that works for me.

At the 2 mile point i was doing good. My Nike Plus on my itouch was saying i was keeping a pace of 8:45min/mile ish so i was doing good. The gloves i had were not warm enough so i pulled my fingers into them and made balls with my fists to warm up. That seemed to work.

Some places on the course were really narrow and i had trouble going around people sometimes. There was still some ice around so i had to be careful.

Well to sum up i kept my pace and finished in 1 hour and 19mins. This was good enough for 3rd place in Cydesdale div! Yes i had placed!!

I had a great time. I kept my strides fairly long and had achy legs the next morning but not too achy.

I had made plans to meet my family in Green Bay for my daughter Emily's birthday lunch and see if i could meet them at a 10am movie. I was cold and sweaty so i had a good idea. I just upgraded my Planet Fitness membership so i can visit any PF in the country for free. I found one in Green Bay that had just opened so i went over there via Blackberry and Garmin and showed there. I made to the move by 10.30am and enjoyed a kids movie with the family!

Next we had lunch at HuHot and headed home after my wife wanted to look at some new cars (yes shes got the bug again) We even looked at Honda Elements which is one of my fav cars right now. I was disappointed to find out they are discontinuing them.

SO...Sunday you could find my daughter and myself down at Rays Indoor mountain bike park again,...(we have season passes now!)  http://raysmtb.com/   What a great weekend i had!

Here is a picture from Rays. You can see the Bananergy we needed.


  1. Good race, great place !! YEAH for you !!

  2. I was training for the cellcom during that time and remember how cold Feb was. Congratulations on a great race!


    you are probably wondering how I found you - I monitor the seroogys fan page on facebook. I was searching for images on google and your photo came up from you blog :)