Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Had enough of winter

This weather has got to end! It is driving me crazy. I can not get outside to run or bike and more snow is expected. I hear all the time about how it is 70 in the south and it is driving me crazy!!

SO whats been going on? Well Marathon training has been coming on ok. I'm not a huge fan of long long distance running and don't normally run more than 3-4 times a week. I been stepping it up to 5-6 runs a week and i think it is hurting me. I am going to go back to not running more than every other day and cycling/swimming on the off days. I been doing the 100 push up challenge again and now i can safely do 60-75 push ups in a row.

I have recently been listening to Jillian Michael's podcast from Itunes which i am really liking. She talks about inside the food industry and about finishing with biggest loser on season 10. I have got some much needed insight on myself from these pod casts.

I finally got my new rear wheel for my road bike. I have been  wanting a new road bike this spring but it is not going to happen. My rear wheel including fitting and adjustments came pretty close to $200 and i put some new grip tape on the handle bars also.

My next race is a Half Marathon on April 16th in Osh Kosh. Then a Duathlon on May 1st.
Still on Weight Watchers plan, however i switched to online only for the spring/summer period.

I have been swimming 1 -2 times per week.

Tomorrow i have a root canal that needs to be done and i am not looking forward to it at all. I am trying very hard to not let it mess up the rest of my week and just deal with it when i am there. I have a tendency to let things like that make me really depressed on the days leading up to it.

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