Friday, February 11, 2011

Two weeks from He##

Sorry it has been quiet. The last two weeks have been CRAZY at work and i buckled a good bit from my decent eating. It started with a week of meeting from Sunday through Friday and then a week of teaching school in the factory from Monday through Friday which just finished today.

Very stressfull but i am glad its over. I have lots of things to report fore you.

My running suffered the first week but i started to get it back on the second week.

I have a RACE tomorrow. Yes i have a 15k to do in Green Bay tomorrow so i will try and get some pictures and make a report on it.

I have been doing alot of indoor mountain bikeing at Rays. I just went ahead and bought a season pass for me and my daughter. I lost a filling, cut my knee and nearly broke my nose but i am getting much better!

I have not weighed myself in the last 3 weeks and i fear it is going to be really bad :( But i am already back on plan to lose more weight.

More sooon my friends...

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