Friday, December 9, 2011

It Christmas and all that


Well the Turkey Trot is done! I didn't take any pictures but i finished in a time of 43mins. It was a 5 mile so not too too shabby. I was concentrating on going slow and not pushing too hard. It was a great run.

Right at about 6 miles my leg likes to give me a little trouble so i have been limiting my runs to that right now.

I have been trying to think about what i want to try and get to next year. I really enjoyed the Green Bay Marathon this year and i think id like to repeat it. We'll see.

I think its important especially if your new at this to list accomplishments every so often so here is a run down for the benefit of new people just starting out.

In 2007 i weighed in at 440LBS + and i was on deaths door. I needed to make a change.

In April 2008 finished my first 5k! This was more of an accomplishment than running a Marathon to me. I used the couch to 5K program to get there.

June 2008 Finished my first Sprint Triathlon!

2009 i my first ever 10k

2010 rode my bike and finished my first 90 mile bike race

2010 First Olympic Triathlon

2010 My first Half Iron man

2011 my first Marathon

2011 learned to Roller skate/Rollerblade so i could spend more time with my kids.

That's just a few so far. I know i need to get that first Full Iron man in the bag soon!

This was not to show off, just to show if your new that you can do it given some time! Also i do read all your blog comments so thanks for posting!

O the picture? Well that is the gun out of an A10 tank buster plane. Amazing how big it is!

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