Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hello Blog friends!
Hope you had an enjoyable long weekend. Now we are past memorial day everything here in Wisconsin goes crazy for a while. It seems every weekend there is something to do finally.
This weekend i have Green Bay Triathlon on my schedule and my 11 year old daughter is going to try the kids Triathlon.
My kids at first had this theory in their heads that if they are not the best at a sport why do it? It has taken me a little while to get this out of them. I think they are starting to understand that just taking part is where the fun comes from and not winning. After all not everyone can win, it is just not mathematically possible.

I got back some pictures and videos of the Full Marathon i did in May and they look great. Looking back at the event it took me about 4 days to be fully recovered and not do the shuffle every morning.

I will see what i can do about getting some pictures this weekend of the first Triathlon of the year.

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